Things You Should Consider Before Loading Your Bike

Things You Should Consider Before Loading Your Bike

Motorcycle is used for carrying loads from one place to the other by many people. But this kind of transportation asks for some special skills from the rider. The art of applying brakes, changing gears, taking turns changes with the extra load in the back.

The difficulty increases proportionally with the weight of the item you load and makes it more difficult to handle the bike in the crowded traffic.

By following the tips written below, you can conquer most of the difficulties of riding with loads.


  1. The weight of the load should come under the capacity of the bike: Every bike has its own capacity of handling the extra weight. Hence, you should consult the dealer or the service provider to know the real load capacity of your bike. It is better to stay within the limit to avoid any unfavorable situations.
  1. Don’t Place everything in the rear: Avoid places everything in the rear of your bike. Here you need to play the game of balance. Try placing some of the load in the front area and some in the rear of the motorcycle, so that controlling the center of gravity becomes easier for you.
  1. Invest in heavy-duty tyres: Buy motorcycle tyres that are able to provide sufficient traction and balance even with the heavier loads. The quality of tyres is something you should not compromise with. When adding the extra weight, check the inflation of the tyres, as under-inflated tyres reduce the weight carrying capacity to a great extent. Also, keep an eye on the pressure of the air installed with a high-quality pressure gauge.
  1. Pack all sensitive stuff: Things that are made of sensitive material are prone to be broken during the ride if not packed properly. There are some bikes more suited for packing purposes. They provide better security to stuff like cameras, clothes, decorative pieces and other stuff than a regular motorcycle. Hence, if your preference is carrying stuff that breaks easily, then avoid getting a sports bike.
  1. Avoid adding a trailer Hitch: Many people attach a trailer with their bikes to pull heavier loads. Now, this might seem very helpful, but in reality, it affects the performance of your bike. Most bike companies do not make their bikes for pulling trailers. Even larger and heavy-duty bikes are not meant to carry trailers.

Besides all this performance issue, adding extra trailer-weight you risk the safety of your life and the stuff that you are carrying. Many cases have been recorded where the accident happened because of the unbalanced trailer hitch.

These were the basics of carrying things on a bike. However, there are many ways, you can safely commute with heavy loads, but you need to get the capable bike for that. Learn and research about the bikes, how to buy motorcycle tyres, which are reliable to understand which one is right for your purpose. You can also talk to the people you are experienced in carrying things around on a bike.