Thinking about Summer Camp?

Thinking about Summer Camp?

Have you ever considered a summer camp for your children? The idea is big in America but not so common place in the UK. Maybe your son or daughter has asked about it as a friend is going to one but you’re not sure. Here are some of the top benefits of booking a place at a summer camp for your kids:

Plenty of Exercise

If you’re worried about a six-week summer holiday consisting of video gaming and too much screen time then you’ll love the varied activity schedule on offer at many camps. There will be lots of opportunities to get outside, try new activities, increase their confidence and make sure they stay active. Outdoor learning is often what the kids love most about camp and here the staff have the facilities and expertise to get the kids involved in things they might not normally have the chance to experience. All staff will be highly trained and have undergone enhanced background checks. For more information on the CRB Check, visit

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Quite often your child’s social circle is limited to their class at school and any extra-curricular clubs they attend. At camp, they will have the chance to mix and make friends with children from all over the country, different backgrounds and areas. This provides the ideal opportunity to build on their social skills. During camp, many of the activities and games are centred around the ideas of team work and helping to bond with others. It’s fantastic preparation for their future, when they might attend a new college or start working with people they don’t know.

Unleash Talent

Your child may discover that they have a talent for something that they’ve never tried before. It could be anything from painting, archery, water sports or cooking. Their experiences at camp could introduce them to an interest in something that they wouldn’t otherwise have known. This not only encourages an increase in confidence but also helps your child to become more independent which a great skill for adult life.

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Passion for Learning

Teaching happens in different ways at camp than in mainstream school and the kids are much more actively involved in the learning process. This results in children paying more attention and being more engaged in the activity, having a positive impact on their academic skills. They’ll gain a deeper understanding of what they learn with the hands-on approach taken at camp. You should find that your children come back from camp prepared and ready to tackle the new school year.

Personal Growth

Summer camp is an ideal opportunity for your child to boost their self-esteem as they face and overcome new challenges, new activities and develop skills they never knew they had. They will also be given the freedom to plan their time, make decisions and learn how to achieve things as a team. You should notice that your child returns from a camp with a greater sense of responsibility and independence.