Tips for Creating a Stylish Bed


When putting together a bed, your main focus is probably regarding the comfort of the bed. If you love style in all aspects of your life, however, you are probably longing for a way that you can dress up your bed as well. The good news for you is that there are plenty of ways that you can do this. You can use your bedding in multiple ways to create a variety of styles and fashions. The best part of it all is that you do not even have to spend a considerable amount of money. Here are some ways to add flair to your bed:

Avoid Uniform Designs

For the longest time, people have been quite insistent about making sure that their bedding matched. They do have a point as it is quite relaxing to see corresponding pillows, blankets, and other components. This, however, is not the only way of doing things. If you really want to change up the way you arrange your bed, you should consider mixing and matching. This can mean using different designs and shades to create a fun and contrasting look. As you are just getting started with this technique, you can start out slowly. For instance, get quilt covers online of one pastel colour and pillow cases of a different hue. Once you have gotten used to the art of coordinating, you can move onto the next step.

Use Texture to Add Flair

If you do not feel particularly like mixing and matching but still want something different, you should pay attention to texture. Generally when choosing bedding, people tend to opt for smooth lines. A great way to add some visual appeal, however, is to get bedding with an unusual consistency. For instance, ruching is a great way to add a subtle but interesting detail to your duvet or doona. You should make sure, however, that only one side of the comforter has detailing. Otherwise, you might find it quite uncomfortable to cover yourself with.

Know How to Evoke Emotions

You might be aware that colours have a large impact on your mood. Some can serve to excite you while others can calm you. For the most part, you probably would like to create a relaxing environment in your bedroom. In order to do this, you do not necessarily have to paint your walls. You can do this with your bed. Shades of blue, in particular, have been found to have a soothing effect. Thus, you can use varying shades of the colour to create a relaxing and comfortable ambience in your room. It might even help you to get to sleep faster.

Break Up a White Colour Scheme

White is one of the most common wall colours. Similarly, many people use this colour for their bedding as well, as it adds crispness to the overall look and feel. Of course, the result can be quite stark. If you do not want to lose the sophistication that the white creates, you simply need to add a few more hues. In particular black and white with a hint of a neutral colour such as beige is a gorgeous combination. You will be able to still maintain that elegance while adding some much needed colour into the overall bedroom scheme. Add taupe or beige pillows to break up the monotony of the black and white.

If you feel that your bed needs a shot of inspiration, you can use the tips above. You will be able to completely change the feel and look of both your bed and your home bedroom.