Turinabol Dosages and Claims

Turinabol Dosages and Claims

Turinabol, also commonly called a Tbol is one of the most popular drugs in the weight loss industry that has a strong physical presence since 1960’s. This drug is manufactured first in East German and since then have been claimed to use by various users who have given positive reviews and claims. This is one of the strongest steroids that performs well under anabolic and androgenic category thus a product that is well sought after many. Especially body builders and weight lifters are claimed to use this steroid very regularly to gain multiple effects. This is one of the steroids that was originally not developed for medical usage. This was developed by East Germans especially to improve performance. Even though developed early it was only in 1980’s and 90’s this drug became popular and was widely accepted by other countries for usage.

Dosages and effects of this drug

This drug as mentioned is said to have massive anabolic and androgenetic effects. The users claimed to have got excess muscle strength and stamina along with a bulked up body after using this drug. This drug is available in all dosage forms – from 1 mg to 5 mg tablets. Normally, the recommended dosage ranges between 15mg to 40mg. the recommended dosage will have to be revisited by a doctor and the user should not have any medical history of respiratory problems, allergies nor blood pressure. This drug is both effective and strong for people who are immune and prone to any allergies. Expectant mothers, nursing women, and elders should clearly stay away from this product for their own safety. Body builders are however recommended to take 20 to 50 mg of oral tbol dosage on a daily basis if they already are exposed to steroids. When stacked up with other steroids, users will have to be cautious and limit their daily intake of this medicine to prescribed dosages.

User reviews and usage guidelines

When looking into popular websites one can see a strong set of followers available for Tbol. This drug has a strong presence with users of all category and is very famous among body builders and weight lifters. There are imminent side effects that are said to occur due to this drug, but many claims some of the minor effects subside after the user’s body starts accepting the drug on a regular basis. People who report having side effects continuously are advised to meet a physician immediately and take care of the dosage and other perspectives.  There are few claims that this drug reduces testosterone levels in the body that can affect the male reproductive pattern. Hence, care should be taken when using this medicine and it is advisable to get a complete checkup once in 3 months to monitor the effects it can have on one’s system.

Legality and other issues

While this drug has been used for a long time, this is still on the list of a controlled substance which means a user will have to use this only with a valid prescription. While the oral tbol dosage differs from user to user, few facts that it can cause disruption to one’s health should not be neglected. A user who tends to place an order for purchase is said to check all sources before ordering and using this product.