How to use the Tibetan bowl and what is it for

How to use the Tibetan bowl and what is it for

The Tibetan bowl is a tool with incredible qualities for our health. But how to use it? We explain the steps that you must follow and we discover to you what is useful.

Although popularly known as singers (in addition to other popular names such as Himalayan bowl, singing bowl, meditation bowl or Rin gong), the fact is that traditionally its best-known name is the Tibetan bowl. Although their origin is unknown, they have historically been manufactured in Tibet, China, Bhutan, Japan and Korea.

As you are sure to know, it consists of a bowl-shaped metal artifact whose sides and edges vibrate when rubbed and beaten with a spleen, producing a kind of vibration and sound as particular as characteristic.

What is the Tibetan bowl used for?

This vibration is, in short, the one that brings its well-known benefits and properties: it helps reduce anxiety and relieve stress, improves concentration, balances the cerebral hemispheres, improves creativity, alleviates headaches, helps balance the Endocrine system and balances and cleans the person’s aura and chakras.

Special mention should be made of its use when practicing both meditation and relaxation, because improving concentration easily and easily is especially useful in achieving a much deeper meditation. Therefore it is also useful to use it in the practice of yoga.

When it comes to enjoying the different benefits of music therapy, and especially the use of Tibetan bowls, it is very important to know how to use it properly.

In order to use the Tibetan bowl we really only need to place ourselves in a relaxed and quiet place. If you practice relaxation or meditation usually, this can become the ideal area to use it equally.

You just have to sit on a chair or in an armchair where you feel comfortable, or on ground in the well-known position of the lotus flower. Place the bowl at the level of your chest, slightly away, and try to rub the mallet around its edges, slowly forming circles, without stopping.

Tibetan bowl

If you can catch the trick and do it with patience you will see how in a few seconds or minutes you will start to hear a kind of vibrating sound.

If at first it costs you to produce the sound just by rubbing it, there are those who give it a light touch in the center of the bowl, to repeatedly begin to rub its edges with the mallet. It is another useful option, but remember that it is not very advisable to hit it, since in that case you would only spoil it.

Once you get to produce the vibratory sound you simply have to immerse yourself in its vibration, breathe calmly and slowly, and concentrate on it. If the vibration ends, you can return to following the steps above.

What is the purpose of the Tibetan bowl and what are its main uses?

The Tibetan bowls, also known by the name of singing bowls, became a fundamental tool by Tibetan teachers as an aid to relaxation, meditation, harmonization and different energy blockages.

Legend has it that a meteorite fell on a village, and from these remains was discovered a natural alloy of different metals with which the first bowl was created, which in the initial moments served as a sacred offering for Buddhists.

Little by little they realized their different virtues and qualities, especially when it was hit with a wooden rod and it was rolled by its edge, generating a sound that helped them positively when it came to meditating.

Uses of Meditation bowl

In meditations and relaxation exercises

Especially during the practice of yoga, and particularly when practicing meditation and relaxation, Tibetan bowls become a tool or an interesting element.

Its stable sound allows you to relax and calm the mind, strain the muscles and also provides total relaxation.

Useful in case of stress and anxiety

The sound and vibrations produced by the Tibetan bowls when used helps to achieve total relaxation, so it is especially useful for people who usually live stressed and anxious.

In fact, the sounds produced by the Tibetan bowls help to stimulate the balance of both cerebral hemispheres, while stimulating the activity of the alpha and beta waves of our brain.

In addition, while the sound relaxes, the vibration produced by the Tibetan bowl when using it helps to decongest the mind.