Vietnam Cambodia 14 Days

Vietnam Cambodia 14 Days

Waiting for the perfect relaxing trip over a cute elephant ride taking you within the ancient city of historic moments? If yes, the Vietnam Cambodia Tour 14 Days is just the perfect one for you!


The unique comforts of this package include the following:

  • An all-charges included trip with indicated breakfast, lunch or dinner meals
  • Inclusive entry tickets for each place of the tour
  • Perfect and comfortable hotel twin-share accommodations on the go
  • Transfer through air-conditioned cars, premium flights, exclusive trains, as well as cruising private boats chosen to bring the best scenery out in front of you.
  • Flight charges included for traveling between cities
  • Perfectly planned and detailed visits
  • Personalized and professional language guide to help you all along the tour
  • Full knowledge provision for each of the historical remains, cultural identities, village entities and friendly assistance for every personalized spot request
  • The most reasonable price to be guaranteed ever
  • All boat trips included fees for all enjoyment purposes
  • Welcome meal for your very first day

There are just a very few things like your personal food preferences, your airport taxes and the visa charges that you need to pay outside this package while all other things and even most of the meals are also off your responsibility too.

For those who want to know of the whole plan for their tour, the whole tour itinerary is available for the tour while the short summary of all the routes as well as tours included in this package consists of the following.

The Vietnam Cambodia 14 days’ tour consists of many places each of which have lots and lots of attractions within them. Each day has been perfectly catered to keep in mind the perfect amount of time needed to enjoy the serene beauty prevailing there.


There are about 3 days fully dedicated to Hanoi while the 4th day has enjoyment from Hanoi to Halong. The 5th day commences with full dedication to the splendid Halong Bay towards Da Nang and Hoi An followed by hue and Ho Chi Minh City visits.

It is the 11th day that proceeds towards Siem Reap and Angkor the next day where the rest of the tour is enjoyed and departure is taken back to Siem Reap.

There are also many similar tours available for specifically covering different small areas in Vietnam like the private song Xanh Saigon tours, the Mekong Delta tours and many others for awesome traveling experiences too.

Hence, if you are looking for the ultimate travel destination that has everything included in it, is totally hassle-free, keeps you abreast of all the heritage of the country on the go and also remains light on your pocket, then this package is the perfect getaway for you this season for a great two-week recreational activity all along.