Visiting 6 of the Top US RV Campsites

Visiting 6 of the Top US RV Campsites

The planning has been going on for ages, you’re looking at some great routes and are excited about the upcoming trip. You’ve looked through all the deals on RV rentals available and picked out the best one for your upcoming trip. There are many great RV campsites that can be found in each and every state, and while there are always options, why not plan some of your trip around the most popular and well known RV campsites in the United States. Read on to find some you definitely want to look at if you will be passing through that area.

Rustic Beauty RV Campsites

If you love to have the modern conveniences while enjoying the rustic feel of the great outdoors, then you definitely want to check out the Fernwood Resort, which is located on the west coast out in Big Sur, CA. Over 85 years old and surrounded by California redwood trees, there are sites for every type of camping out there as well as a great general store and bar & grill on-site for when you feel like spoiling yourself. The seaside cliffs that made Big Sur famous are an easy drive away, giving you the best the area has to offer.

While in the Midwest if you find yourself near Wascott, WI, then it’s time to find the secluded Schatzi’s 4 Seasons Resort off of beautiful Cranberry Lake. Fishing, boating, and camping is at a premium here and the famous Chipmunk Bar & Grill features some of the best half-pound hamburgers and barbecue pork ribs that you’ll find anywhere.

Down south Mill Creek Ranch Resort is consistently one of the best RV campsites in Texas, and located 60 miles east of Dallas you can enjoy the lake, rolling hills with trees, and on Mondays a world famous open market that brings in hundreds of vendors. Here you can enjoy your trip and get your slice of Southern Hospitality!

More Luxurious RV Campsites

The Zion River Resort is just minutes from Utah’s famous Zion National Park. Aside from its incredible natural beauty, the RV campsites in this park have really unique activities and free daily activities aimed at the family. There’s free Wi-Fi, grills, full hook-ups, and some pretty remarkable venues and shows close by in Tanner Amphitheater and other similar setups. This has a little bit of everything and it’s not hard to see why many RV enthusiasts are here for entire seasons. The location can’t be beat, either, as this camp is also a great base from which you can take day trips to the northern rim of the Grand Canyon or even Bryce Canyon National Park.

Located on Alabama’s Gulf coast (one of the true hidden gems the U.S. has to offer) is home to the Bella Terra of Gulf Shores RV camp. You will instantly notice the impressive size of these large lots, the local fenced in dog parks, and a series of amenities that include Jacuzzi and sauna as well as a swimming pool and fully stocked lake for game fishing. The beaches are some of the best in the U.S. and often without the crowding you get in Florida or California. This really is an incredible RV park that will be hard to match.

This one is a bit out of the way but if you’re looking for a destination for your next cross country road trip then consider the BlueWater Key RV Resort located in sunny and far away Key West, Florida of the Florida Keys! This is a remarkable result that is considered thoroughly first class for good reason. Your RV campsites are on the water with private decks, private docks, and plenty of landscaping to bring it all together for an unforgettable experience!