What are the 5 “P’s”?

What are the 5 “P’s”?

“Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance”, are the 5 “P’s” all business owners should follow. Particularly, we restaurant owners should take head to the 5 “P’s”. It was Sun Tzu who said, “Today’s practice, wins tomorrow’s war”. Restaurants are just another business-battlefield we are tasked to conquer each day. That is just good, proper planning, right?

Properly Plan with MissionRS

It behooves every restaurant owner, to invest in the proper food prep equipment to prevent poor performance. Thus, we should plan to prepare for the coming “rush”. offers a variety of, top-quality, efficient, and easy-to-clean food preparation products.

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Food Prep Equipment that Prevents Poor Performance

MissionRS’s products efficiently streamline your food preparation process. As a by-product, consistency is more easily achieved. Restaurant owners understand the importance of consistency. When one of your patrons describes a dish they enjoyed to a friend, that friend should have the same experience when they enjoy the same dish. The right food preparation equipment can assist, even inexperienced staff, with achieving an acceptable level of consistency between dishes.

I almost forgot to mention, your staff will also save time during food preparation. Thus, saving you money! Prevent Poor Performance and get you and your staff what they need to succeed.

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Follow the 5 “P’s” and Invest in Your Prep

Properly plan to have the right tools for the right job. We should all provide our staff and ourselves with the tools needed to achieve success.

Prevent Poor Performance by, not just thinking about it, but making the investment in better food preparation. At the end of the day, every dime you add to your restaurant equipment investment has the potential to turn into another dollar.

MissionRS Equipment “Cache”

Here’s a list of the “heavy artillery” MissionRS can outfit your restaurant with. Better food preparation is only a click away!

Commercial Mixers

Food Slicers

Commercial Blenders (Handheld and Standalone)

Commercial Food Processors

Dough Presses and Equipment (Own a busy pizza shop?)

Meat and Seafood Equipment

Fruit and Vegetable Juicers, Slicers, and more…

Can Openers and Crushers (save, save, save…)

Food Scales (#consistency)

Vacuum Packaging and Wrapping (extend the shelf life of your prep)

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