What Smoking Accessories Can You Buy Online?


Specialised online tobacco stores will provide you with a wealth of tobacco types and accessories for smokers at lower prices, considering there are no physical store expenses to pay.  The selection often goes beyond the average smoker’s imagination or knowledge. Below we will take you through the impressive smoking related product range to be found online.

Rolling your own

If you’re the type who’s rolling their own cigarettes, you can find anything you need just a few clicks away: packaged loose tobacco, paper and filters, but also helping equipment like rolling tips or machines. To further customise and enhance your smoking moments, you can purchase products like glass or activated charcoal filter tips. Some stores even sell essential oil filters for an exquisite experience. The rolling tips offer is also very rich and diverse. To make sure your tobacco is weighed correctly, you should check the scales range.

Alternatives for your nicotine addiction

To many it’s all about the gesture, but to others it’s the nicotine. If you are trying to manage your addiction or quit smoking, the web can help you with loads of viable solutions. While searching for cigarettes online you will normally have other options too: nicotine gum, nicotine patches and inhalators, but also tobacco for chewing, which is a pleasant and effective smokeless alternative.

Pipe and bong accessories

Online, you will find a large selection of accessories or tools like bong cleaners (there are starter kits for the inexperienced), pipe cleaners from soft to rough bristles, pipe cases for safe keeping and so on. Pipe smokers can browse collections of glass pipes for example, plus other intriguing options with just about any design style you can think of. In addition, shop for accessories like metal mesh screens made for pipes and bongs, the most popular ones being of either steel or brass. There are usually various sizes to choose from.

Tobacco grinders

Grinders come in all sizes. You will often find these as herb grinders because they can be used with more than just tobacco. Aluminum or wooden grinders are two of the most frequently purchased types. Stores often feature grinders made in pocket size as well, or in various fun shapes (Pokeball shaped grinders). These tools will shred your tobacco to smaller pieces so that you can have it at the desired consistency.

A cigarette smoker’s basics

Naturally, this guide wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the basic accessory a cigarette smoker uses day by day: ashtrays, lighters, torches and cigarette cases. The market is so diverse it would be hard to describe all the makes, materials and styles available. What’s worthy to mention here is that you can order in bulk and benefit of discounts in many cases. You know you will be needing these things again and again – then why not take advantage and place a bulk online order? Besides, you can even find collectible tins which can make for precious memorabilia.

Well-chosen and matched accessories can enhance your smoking experience in so many ways – from helping you develop correct techniques to smoking with style – whether it’s pipe tobacco, cigarettes or your own rolled ups. On the Internet, you have far more chances to find amazing and highly varied accessories to use on a daily basis or turn into a gift for someone. But don’t forget smoking is bad habit and can damage your health.