Where Do the Clothes at Discount Stores Come From?

Where Do the Clothes at Discount Stores Come From?

 We all love discounts on clothes? Don’t we? We get absolutely delighted and wait for seasonal discounts, so that we could purchase our favorite fashion apparels by paying a lesser amount. But have you ever wondered as to where do these clothes at the discount stores come from? Well, only a few of us must have given it a thought as we are more interested in buying these discounted clothes. Who doesn’t love to buy their favorite G Star jeans or a Gucci watch at a 50 percent discount? Let us now scroll down to find an answer to this question.

Sometimes, the retailers make incredibly large purchases from the manufacturers as they get the products at quite a low price. In other cases, when the manufacturer has got excess inventory, they simply want to sell and blow it out to local clothing merchants.

Many a times, stores like to maintain a low profile and try not to compete with big giants. In turn, they save on money by spending less on advertising which their competitors do. Then they pass on part of those savings to their customers by way of discounts. This is quite an intelligent move which could be opted to boost up the sales.

Another fascinating move done by some stores is, let’s say a designer makes a dress in 6 colors, but the departmental stores showed interest in only 3 colors. The designer is then left with the leftovers of the remaining 3 colors. At that time, certain stores will reach the designer and would convince him to make these not bought colors as the leftovers, thus making a smart move and in turn offering discounts to their customers.

Other times, the retailer simply wants to get rid of an unsold inventory, for instance nobody will buy summer wear in winters. Also they do not want to waste their shelve space on such products, as a result of which they sell them off at discounted rates.

Also sometimes, certain stores increase the price of the product above the MRP, and then provide such a discount to actually sell it off at the actual and previous original price, thereby fooling the customers. This is an unethical practice.

By following such strategies, we could assume that such stores are incurring heavy losses by providing us such discounts, but in real they are able to earn certain profit as well which we don’t even realize.

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