You Can Change Your Smile Forever

You Can Change Your Smile Forever

Apart from the social embarrassment that is caused by the loss of teeth, there are several other more serious problems that are associated with it including discomfort while you are eating or talking. No one loves to lose their, some of the reasons for loss of teeth include accidents, tooth decay, gum diseases, or birth defects. A remedy to this problem is to use dental implants. Dental implants are a replacement for the natural tooth root which helps in anchoring the artificial tooth in the gums.

Appearing like metallic screws with a roughened or smooth surface this, dental implants are normally surgically placed in the jawbone to fit in to the area where the tooth is missing. Since this is a permanent procedure this implant is made of materials like titanium and its alloys which are orally compatible.

There are other methods of tooth replacement such as dentures and conventional bridges, but the most convenient method that is also most popular are dental implants. An implant improves a person’s facial appearance as well as other aspects like speech, tooth functioning and self-esteem on the whole. Improving self-esteem and confidence can be very important since it single-handedly helps in the professional or personal growth of an individual.

One of the primary advantages of having dental implants is that this is a permanent solution to tooth loss and is also stronger and more durable than all the other methods. Recently more advanced methods like narrower mini implants have found more people being drawn to the treatment. You need to locate an orthodontist who is experienced enough to do this procedure on you; most of them today record an increase in the case of dental implants since the introduction of  mini implants and also because dentists do not require any specific license to do implant dentistry.

The process of installing dental implants involves drilling a small hole in the jaw in place of the missing tooth. The screw that will hold the dental implant in place is guided in to the hole next after which a cap is placed on the screw to help it to heal before it is given some time to mold with the jaw. A few months later the cover will removed and a temporary crown is placed on the implant. This results in the gum growing according to the temporary crown. The entire process is completed once the temporary crown is replaced with the permanent crown.

It is also important to remember that all people who have undergone installation of dental implants should go for regular dental check-ups and report to the doctor in case any irregularities come up. This not only prevents any accidents, but also ensures longevity of the implants.